by leslierankowfinearts

Welcome Everyone!

I have finally realized a long-term goal by adding a blog to my LRFA website. Although I have been encouraged for some time by friends and colleagues, my response was always, “I have nothing to say  – nothing original that is”.  I didn’t want to blog about art-related events that have already hit the news and since I am not a gallery owner, I don’t represent artists whose work and activities I hope to promote.

This summer, I purchased a beautiful Barcelo from a European dealer for a client in the mid-West. A potentially disruptive situation occurred involving all the art dealer nightmares: international shipping, customs and damage en route. This resolved happily thanks to the dealer’s integrity and my client’s decency and loyalty.

I realized that information that is second nature to me,  automatic pilot if you will, can actually be unfamiliar and valuable to an established collector or certainly to someone just starting to acquire art. And so, my blogs will focus on what I try to provide in the daily course of business  –  information and service. I plan to interview specialists in conservation, framing, insurance, at auction, etc. and share their expertise with you.

I welcome your comments and questions and promise to do my best to answer them or find exactly the right person to do so.

Next week, I look forward to speaking to the extraordinarily knowledgeable Dan Miller and Billy Maker of exhibit-e. An integral part of collecting is to maintain comprehensive records on an acquired work, its provenance, condition, framing, etc. No one speaks the digital language of art IT management better than exhibit-E.

Until then!