On a personal note

by leslierankowfinearts

To Everyone who donated:

Thank you all for your phenomenal response to my appeal to support the documentary, Stronger for Life, the story of Ilaria Montagnani, founder of Powerstrike, an athlete and fitness expert and her battle with cancer.  Your generosity of heart has meant more than I can say.

To those who meant to and it got lost in the deluge of emails and texts that assault us on a daily basis, please go to  www.strongerforlife.film to donate and for anyone who didn’t have the time to spread this appeal to your social media community of friends, family and colleagues, I hope you will take the time to do so now.

Thanks to the editor, the consulting producer and Ilaria’s vision and determination, this is turning out to be an impactful and powerful film – it can help so many people, not only cancer victims and their families, but everyone who has to overcome life’s challenges—and that, I guess, means all of us.

So many thanks,


Leslie Rankow

Executive Producer

Stronger for Life