Stronger for Life ! a finalist for FILM THREAT

by leslierankowfinearts

To my friends and to the PS community who have supported Stronger for Life,

I am very pleased to update you on some great news!

Stronger for Life is nominated for an award by FILM THREAT/Award This! Nominees were selected from over 2,000 indie films reviewed by Film Threat in 2021. Along with 6 other nominees, we are nominated in the category: Socially Relevant Documentary. The awards will take place in Santa Ana CA on May 21st – we’ll keep you posted!

Film Threat words:
“Stronger for Life documents the rise of Ilaria Montagnani in the fitness world and the shattering diagnosis that almost destroyed her. Several interviewees, including Ilaria’s mother, brother, doctors, and acquaintances, attest to Montagnani’s drive and tenacity. In addition, the woman herself is forthright about her life in fitness and emotionally candid when discussing her fight against cancer and subsequent mastectomy.”

I started this documentary when I was first diagnosed with cancer, not knowing what the future would hold for me. I am very lucky and everyday I feel blessed and thankful that I am here and healthy. My journey made me realize how incredibly fragile we are and how much strength we have inside ourselves. And how much all the years of training and physical work would help me fight my battle, mentally and physically.

Figures crossed, we’ll be back to you on May 21st.

Thank you for your support of Ilaria’s documentary and of my frequent pleas.

love, Leslie

Leslie Rankow


Executive Director